Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Sanitation is simply the conditions and measures that promote good environment or the act of maintaining a clean environment. According to World Health Organization (WHO), sanitation refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collections and waste water disposal. Sanitation is a very broad topic but it is narrowed down to the homes and the cities. The beach also forms part of the environment. Studies have shown that natural environments like the beaches and the waterfront parks offer more restorative benefits to people than gyms, entertainment venues and the built urban environment.(J.A Aaron Hipp).

Ghana is graced with 540km of remarkable sandy coastline. Most of it is underdeveloped whereas only few are like private paradise waiting to be explored. Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of disease and that is why Iam more concerned about the sanitary conditions along the beaches in Accra. There are many nice beaches in and around Accra and they include Labadi beach, la palm royal beach, Kokrobite beach, Bojo beach, Sakumono beach, Gold Coast beach popularly known as the Bola beach and Jamestown beach, just to mention few. Only few of beaches in Accra are seen to be attractive based on their effort to maintain good sanitation. Sanitary conditions along some beaches in Accra are awful. Among the beaches in Accra, I choose to discuss in my article is the Gold coast beach popularly called bola beach and the Jamestown beach to reflect other poor sanitary conditions along the beaches in Accra and in Ghana at large and not limited to only Bola beach and Jamestown beach.

Gold coast beach popularly known as Bola beach is located just behind the Independence Square adjacent to the seat of government –the Osu Castle. “ Bola” in Ga and Akan means rubbish so the name “bola” is self explanatory.  The name signifies the poor sanitation along that beach. At bola beach, people are seen openly contaminating the sea by illegally using the beach as a refuse site, using the place as a place of convenience, and many activities which seek to put the place in a bad state. These are mainly done by people who have no care for the environment and their own health. But then, why should a beach just behind our proud Independence Square lost its great name to bola beach? This shows how poor the sanitary condition of the Bola beach is. It is indeed a bad name and awful site that does not befit Accra and Ghana as a whole

Jamestown beach has a similar experience with Gold Coast beach (bola beach). Do you know the history behind Jamestown? If no then, let me give you a brief history of Jamestown. Tourists who are particularly interested in knowing the history of Accra will find Jamestown a good place to visit. Jamestown has originally been established back in the 17th century and one of the historic treasures of Accra. It is a fishing community. Truly, my visit to Jamestown yesterday to gather information for my article proved that Jamestown is an intense section of Accra loaded with history such as the national monument of Usher Fort and James Fort . Jamestown is indeed the oldest area in Accra and steeped in both colonial history and local life.  Talking about the sanitary condition of Jamestown beach is very poor. Jamestown beach is in a sorry state. it is a pale shadow of its former self.  Information gathered showed that, toilet facilities are rare and residents are forced to use the beach as their place of convenience. Dumping refuse in the sea, animals roaming about the beach, among others. Seriously, the sanitary condition along Jamestown beach is an eye sore and needs immediate and appropriate attention.

All these poor sanitary conditions along the beaches bring about diseases that are detrimental to the health of the people leaving around the beaches, Accra and Ghana at large.  There are preventions, benefits and other positive measures that good sanitation along the beach can bring to the individual and the country at large. All these, hopefully, will be discussed in my subsequent posts on this topic for a better understanding.

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