Wednesday, October 30, 2013


While many parts of the world are improving sanitation in their achievement in sustainable environment practices, Ghana is still struggling with basic environment challenges such as poor sanitary conditions of our beaches. Talking about sanitation along the beach and sanitation at large is no new thing to Ghanaians. This article seeks to remind Ghanaians on what we need to do to prevent poor sanitation along the beach because, day in and out,  number of measures are being put in place to maintain good sanitation in the country.

 Over 20 percent of the population still lack access to toilets and rubbish dumps which has resulted in people openly defecating along the beaches and using the beaches and shore as rubbish dumps. These are as a result of not having toilet and proper waste disposal managements in their homes. Therefore, the government must help beach dwellers because they are forced to use the beaches as place of convenient and rubbish dumps. But then, landlords are also expected to provide toilets and proper waste disposals for their households and tenants. Again, landlords and households should team up with the waste collectors (zoom lions) to get rubbish bins so that their wastes will be properly managed.

public toilet

household toilet

Massive and thorough education must be done to create awareness and inform Ghanaians especially beach dwellers. They need to be educated on the need to practice good sanitary conditions along the beaches and the repercussions involved. As the saying goes, “when persuasion fails, force is applied”. This brings in mind the introduction of law enforcement for the education to materialize the education given on sanitation to the betterment of all. Offenders must be fined and prosecuted to deter others from doing same.

Avoid dumping of waste along the beach

Finally, Ghanaians especially, beach dwellers should have a change of attitudes towards the way they pollute the beaches if not, no amount of facilities provided with our own taxes will benefit us. The zoil are doing their possible best to keep our beaches clean but all to no avail. The best solution to this, is to help stop pollute the beaches and not only pay attention to sanitation  in our homes..

Dustbins for household

proper waste disposal

In conclusion, Ghanaians especially beach dwellers owe it to us, our children, and future generations to change our mindset and practices that pollutes our beaches. Cleanliness as they say is next to Godliness, therefore it pays to maintain a clean beach environment.

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