Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In my previous articles, I discussed sanitation along the beach where I emphasized much on the causes of poor sanitation along the beach, its effects, preventive measures, and the benefits of maintaining good sanitation along the beach. In this very article, I am putting across safety mechanisms to help maintain good sanitation along the beach.

Firstly, most beaches if not all, should be paid for at a minimum fee of Ghc 2 before one can use the place. When this is done, it will give so much value to those beaches and will attract more people including tourists. The money accrue from this can be used to put the place in good shape, put up a security gate or entrance and fix lights all over the beaches to make the beaches very beautiful, clean, and attractive.
a well built entrance to pay a fee before one enters the labadi beach .

Also the government should set up security agencies at the beaches to serve as watchdogs. These security personnel will be in charge of the beaches 24 hours to ensure that the beaches are not littered or turned into refuse dumps and a place of convenience. In addition to this, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras can be used at the various beaches to ensure security of the beaches. The CCTV and other security cameras will deter people from doing the wrong thing and also, will send a message about how serious the government is, on the issue of sanitation along the beach. Severe penalties will be meted out on offenders.
indoor CCTV camera set at the beach.
outdoor CCTV camera set at the beach.

In addition to this, there should be a massive and extensive public education on good sanitation along the beaches. This should be done purposely for residents along the beaches as a way of enlightening them on the need to adopt and practice community watch.  The adoption and practice of community watch along the beach can help instill self discipline and promote public awareness and the involvement of everybody to help preserve attractiveness of our beaches and to enhance healthy lives, the potential of recreation, tourism and income generating opportunities.

Finally, individuals can take upon themselves to run beaches as businesses than to leave them in the hands of the government only. The government has so many projects to undertake therefore, individuals who take upon themselves to run some of these beaches will help maintain good sanitation along the beaches. Running some of these beaches will aim at profit making. Hence, appropriate measures will be put in place for people to patronize them. Attached to the beach sites can be hotels, restaurants, night clubs, live shows and so many interesting and entertaining avenues and activities. All these in one way or the other can help the state generate revenue for the development and betterment of the country, Mother Ghana.

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